Monday, January 12, 2015


It's 2015, the holidays proved to be stressful, hectic and wonderful all at the same time.  Got through the New Year with a quiet dinner at one of my new favorite italian restaurants, Girasole, in The Plains. I was hoping to catch Robert Duvall as he lives in the area but no such luck. Still, the seafood ravioli was more than worth braving the cold!

Since blogging has taken a back seat, I figured I've already broken the rules so I'm posting pictures I took several months ago, at one of the future venues of one of the weddings I am planning, several months in the future! As anyone who has known me for any amount of time can tell you, I've never been really good at rules anyway.

I have a few more events coming up this year sooner than this one, but this was my first time visiting this winery and it was a bitterly cold fall day that I caught just before the afternoon light faded. I was pretty impressed with the scenery so I decided to snap a few pictures, mainly for preplanning reference but they turned out to be somewhat magical. Check it out!