Wednesday, April 8, 2015

100 Shitty Paintings 2/100

Todays shitty painting was in part inspired by a craft I did with the shelter kids today. I painted a bunch of trees and they all added their own little tissue paper flowers. The kids had a great time with the craft and they ended up being really neat and we hung them up around the eating area at the shelter. The kiddos were so proud of their artwork and each one of them did such a great job! Now onto my piece of artwork. I would be ashamed to show anyone this piece although I have to admit I had fun making it. I knew I wasn't dedicated to doing it as I had just painted 15 other tree bases for the kids to make their artwork but in keeping with the philosophy of my 100 shitty paintings I decided to follow through with it. May I present shitty painting 2 out of 100: Cherry blossom tree


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