Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring in Saranac-our new neighbors

Shaun had the day off today and was at home to water the plants and mow the lawn, go to the driving range and in general enjoy the weather on this gloriously sunny day. All the while I was inside my office staring longingly out the window wishing for 5pm and a sliver of daylight left to enjoy when I do eventually make it out of the building.

Throughout my glum, paperwork riddled day at the office, Shaun sent me pictures of Meatwad flopped over sleeping, as is per usual for him during lazy days such as...well every day. He also sent me a photo of a new neighbor we have living in the bushes next to our house.

It turns out a robin had thought our little bush was a happy enough home to raise some baby birds so she built the perfect little nest and laid 4 perfect little eggs in the most darling shade of blue.   I'm flattered that she chose us to trust as her immediate neighbors and of course I'm hoping that all the other little critters in the neighborhood make their way over to our house to hang out with us and be Meatwads fluffy little friends.

A girl can dream, right?

 Is it wrong to want to paint a wall the color of those eggs? Oh, mother nature, you are such a superb decorator.

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