Friday, April 26, 2013

My entire life has been a buildup for this one moment.

Some days I wake up and I feel I have all but lost my hope in humanity.

Some weeks are rougher than others and I really have to bite my tongue at situations and prevent myself from shaking people and yelling at them to act like adults.

Some times I just need to come home, decompress and veg out on the sofa reading blogs and listening to Meatwad hop around and oink like a little pig.

I feel like I have a lot of those days lately, those "mental health" days when the stresses of the world seem to boil up and over the edge of what I can handle being a simple human being.

Some days I feel like I will absolutely go crazy if I don't find an outlet to vent my frustrations. On those particular days it's either a lot of Rage Against the Machine and fast driving or sending some climbs I didn't have the courage to do beforehand. Occasionally it's something much more simple albeit much more out of the ordinary.

The days when I come home, I grab my camera and follow Meatwad around on his daily household adventures are some of my favorite moments. I love my family and friends immensely. But there is a part of my heart that can only be filled by a fluffy little creature. There is a part of me that is nothing but a void until I interact with a creature of another species. Animals are so simple and happy. The basic survival instincts are primarily what drives an animal. But they can also be so complex and intelligent, they can fulfill so many different positions in a humans life that cannot be achieved by our bipedal brethren.

With that being said, Meatwad has his own way of filling that void in my life. No one else can put that warm and fuzzy feeling inside of my heart as quickly as he sometimes can. It's his mannerisms and goofy personality that drive me into fits of giggling sometimes as he hops around me in circles when I'm trying to workout, or the way he tries to help me fold laundry by digging and pushing and pulling at  my freshly cleaned clothes.

Sunday was one of my favorite moments with Meatwad, simply because he is so happy to just sit there and let me make him look ridiculous and take photos of him.  It's like he knows when I've been having a bad day or rough week and knows that certain things will bring me joy.

So Sunday morning after cooking breakfast...I put a pancake on his head  I hope that somehow it brings you as much joy and laughter and giddiness as it did me.

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