Saturday, May 4, 2013


Today was blissfully sunny and absolutely beautiful. After going to Kim's stand up comedy show in Centreville yesterday, (in which she was absolutely spectacular) she spent the night and helped me organize my craft room a bit (it was far far overdue).
     We woke up a bit late today and missed the flea market so we decided to make a trek to Buckland Farm Market. On the way there was a little church yard sale with some of the most amazing little vintage finds. I can't wait to get some of them staged, photographed and listed in the etsy shop. Others, well I can't see parting with the others.
     We went to Buckland and stocked up on some picnic essentials, then swung on the big wooden swing-set out back.  We came back and packed up a cooler and some blankets and headed down to the lake.
     We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  The ambience of the water, bright green trees and chirping birds was exactly what I needed after a seemingly drawn out, dreary week.

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