Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pieces of a day-garden shopping

Spring is finally in full bloom!  Last weekend Shaun and I went to Meadows Farms and Merrifield garden center to pick up some flowers for the front of the house. We ended up with some simple boxwoods and colorful perennials. But I the places I always seem to gravitate towards is the succelents, the flowering trees and the little area they have goats, chickens and a fierce turkey.

Much to Shauns chagrin, I brought my camera and snapped some quick shots of some of my favorite things.  I regret not picking up more succulents. I will definitely have to go back this weekend and pick up some for upstairs.

Lots of fresh air and sunshine, pretty flowers and a forest of topiaries.  Can you see me becoming the world hide-and-seek champion any time soon? no?

What's on the bunnies head this week?

Meatwad doesn't have many talents. I love him oh so very much, trust me, but he's not the most awe-inspiring fluffy thing in the animal kingdom.

For example, about 10 minutes ago I grabbed a juice-box from the fridge and 10 minutes later, he's still standing 2 feet in front of it staring patiently, waiting for the carrots to fall out of the magic silver box.

No, Meatwad doesn't have many talents, aside from love dances and kisses. He doesn't roll over unless he just ate too many greens and even then it's more of a plop than a roll.

He doesn't play dead unless I accidentally sneak up on him mid-nap and then get set into a quick panic wondering why he is laying on his side with his feet up in the air.

The one talent that Meatwad does have, is a useless yet thoroughly entertaining talent. When you put something on Meatwads head, it's like pressing the pause button. Meatwad will hold still long enough to grab everyone within earshot to come over and stare at the fluffy statue.  So what I have been doing lately, is just taking advantage of this by seeing what silly things I can put on his head.

Why? Because I have a bunny that lets me put things on his head. This week, I had a chocolate bar appropriately left over from Easter that seemed to be a close doppelgänger for Meatwad.

And so the story goes...

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Today was blissfully sunny and absolutely beautiful. After going to Kim's stand up comedy show in Centreville yesterday, (in which she was absolutely spectacular) she spent the night and helped me organize my craft room a bit (it was far far overdue).
     We woke up a bit late today and missed the flea market so we decided to make a trek to Buckland Farm Market. On the way there was a little church yard sale with some of the most amazing little vintage finds. I can't wait to get some of them staged, photographed and listed in the etsy shop. Others, well I can't see parting with the others.
     We went to Buckland and stocked up on some picnic essentials, then swung on the big wooden swing-set out back.  We came back and packed up a cooler and some blankets and headed down to the lake.
     We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  The ambience of the water, bright green trees and chirping birds was exactly what I needed after a seemingly drawn out, dreary week.