Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pieces of a day-garden shopping

Spring is finally in full bloom!  Last weekend Shaun and I went to Meadows Farms and Merrifield garden center to pick up some flowers for the front of the house. We ended up with some simple boxwoods and colorful perennials. But I the places I always seem to gravitate towards is the succelents, the flowering trees and the little area they have goats, chickens and a fierce turkey.

Much to Shauns chagrin, I brought my camera and snapped some quick shots of some of my favorite things.  I regret not picking up more succulents. I will definitely have to go back this weekend and pick up some for upstairs.

Lots of fresh air and sunshine, pretty flowers and a forest of topiaries.  Can you see me becoming the world hide-and-seek champion any time soon? no?

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