Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thrift Store Furniture: Before and After

So I may or may not have purchased a mid century dresser at the Salvation Army a little over a year ago and left it in the garage until just recently to collect spiderwebs and dust (much to the chagrin of Shaun). But I did have really big plans for it and I did finally end up baking good on my word and painting it!

I actually planned on purchasing more thrift store pieces over the past few months but Shaun was slightly reluctant (exasperated is more like it) because I hadn't touched the dresser.

Since I got the dresser it spent most of it's life in the garage until one day Shaun got a storage system for the garage and insisted the dresser had to get the boot. We carried it upstairs and put it in the extra "junk" room that we were using as storage for the time being.

Well cue another one of my inspirational cleaning days and said room became my craft room, spare bedroom went into old craft room and the dresser ended up with it. Again it sat for about a month before I finally ended up biting the bullet and painting it. But paint it, I did and I feel so much better now with a functional piece! I still have to give it a light sand and a wax but I've already started on a billion other projects in the house so as soon as I sand the next piece I'll knock this one out at the same time. 

I really wanted to get some Annie Sloan chalk paint to do up this baby but the short trip to Warrenton provided to be just too much for my 10 mile radius of motivation to handle. I also discovered that apparently the stuff is quite expensive as well. This dresser is pretty banged up, not an antique in any sense of the word so I didn't want to waste a ton money if it turned out horribly.  But then, I thought, if I'm already DIYing this, why don't I see if I can DIY the chalk paint as well??

So I took to the inter webs and after a lot of googling, I found a quick, cheap alternative for less than $10. Plaster of Paris mixed with latex paint.

Easy peasy! I got to mixing, adding a little bit of hot water to get the right consistency and voila! I had the perfect, no prep piece painted within a couple hours.

As you can see there are still a few tough spots on the drawer fronts that I will have to touch up. I'm also thinking of getting new drawer pulls. Maybe something cute from Anthropologie?

Bear gets very jealous whenever I am taking pictures of anything other than him. So he likes to sneak in there occasionally to make sure I know he is watching. I think he has perfected his pose.

So there you have it! Bear is enjoying the new dresser in the spare bedroom (which he has claimed as his own) and I'm pretty happy that I finally got it knocked out. Now onto the coffee table! 

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