Thursday, June 19, 2014

Around Here Lately...

I started getting catalogs for "End of Summer Sale!" before school was even out and summer even officially started, I expect I'll start getting Christmas catalogs next month. Although it does seem appropriate as it has been in the low 90s for the past week. I swear the heat and humidity steamed my shirt straight the other day when I didn't bother to iron it before leaving the house.

No matter, I love the heat and summer and everything that comes along with it. Trips to get ice cream and froyo, laying by the pool, fresh garden veggies. Summer is definitely welcome around here after the harsh dry winter we had. Even if it does make my hair explode into 80s hair band music video worthiness.

This month is planning for my birthday (the 29th) Bears birthday (July 3rd) and Adams birthday (July 13th). As well as planning Ashley's baby shower, upcoming events and festivals for the Random Bakery and making banners out the wazoo. I actually have found that making banners is relaxing and cathartic. I feel like I'm being crafty and productive at the same time and after finally getting my camera charger in the mail have been able to list some actual photographs on Etsy further enhancing my productivity. I am considering doing a joint birthday party for Adam, Bear and myself later in July after things have calmed down. I'm excited to throw the bash, especially since it will be after Ashley's shower and I'll hopefully still have the motivation to keep trucking right along.

I didn't plan for summer being this crazy and booked but I'm pretty happy it ended up that way. I love staying busy and working on things. I've been able to listen to some great new (to me) podcasts while working which has made it even more pleasant. New favorite is Welcome to Nightvale that's a very HP Lovecrafty type of sci-fi podcast based in the fictional town of Nightvale. If you're getting bored with the regular ones I highly recommend this one.

Oh yeah, I got Bear a binky and it was the best decision ever.

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