Thursday, June 5, 2014

Weekly Pinterest Roundup/planning a baby shower

What am I doing right now? You may be asking. Ok you're probably not asking that at all but I'm here and I'm typing so I'm gonna tell ya. I'm sitting here eating Dark Chocolate with sea slot toffee and drinking coffee trying to motivate myself into creativity.  Sadly, this is not unlike most other mornings.

What I am getting ever more excited about, however, is the upcoming baby shower I'm planning for my dear friend, Ashley. This will be Ashley's 5th child and let me tell you all previous 4 are just as adorable as can be so I cannot wait to meet the little girl that will be coming later this year!

When I found out that she was having a little peanut I was just way too excited. My mind started racing with a billion ideas and of course I took to pinterest to fill in the rest.

I don't want to spoil anything but she has decided on a mid July summer garden party themed shower in shades of baby pink and light grey. Of course I have been snatching up everything I see in pink and grey whenever I am out and the designated area in the craft room is now blossoming with baby hued decor and items!

I also recently invested in a Cricut Expression and I have a feeling that bad boy is gonna help me make this shower extra extra adorable!

Here is a roundup of pins in her baby shower board that I'm absolutely smitten with and a few ideas I have for making this the best baby shower ever! Get ready for pink overload!

1. Pink Lemonade in mason jars

Since the party will be in the peak of the summer, we will definitely want guests to cool off! Being from Baltimore, even northern Virginia seems like the south to me so putting drinks in mason jars just seems so appropriate! 

2. pink and grey

LOVE this color scheme and I am so happy she picked it! I like to consider myself moderately crafty so the majority of the decor I've already made or I'm planning on making. I'm kind of a bit obsessed with these colors much do you think Shaun would oppose me painting the bedroom like this? ha!

I swear Ashley and I were on the exact same wavelength for this! Obviously since I am planning this there will be several treats from The Random Bakery involved and I was thinking of doing some additional little treats as well. When Ashley texted me and said she wanted a candy bar I was like yes! perfect! assolutamente!

and fun props

I know a photo booth is not the most common thing for a baby shower and is typically seen at weddings and NYE parties. But every party I have ever thrown or been to where there has been a photo booth has been a great success! I think people open up and act more goofy when there is a photo booth, plus everyone gets pictures instead of one person roaming around with a camera and missing out on the fun! Plus to look back on all the pictures would be such a fun memento and it would be nice to make a little album for Ashley so when her baby girl is older she can look back at all the warmth and joy that was created to celebrate her birth! 

these are just a couple cute examples of the fun we are going to have! Ashley came up with a really fun balloon game and I stole the idea from Allisons baby shower to have a "decorate a onesie" table where the onesies can be strung on a line with clothespins afterwards so mom can admire all the sweet handmade messages from guests to baby girl! 

So theres a little snippet of the awesome baby shower coming soon! There will be lots more fun things and plenty of adorable pictures to follow up with. I cannot wait to celebrate this day with Ashley and her little peanut! 

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