Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winter Skin and Hair routine

Since winter is rearing its blustery head yet again, I'm changing up a lot of things to accommodate. First things first you've got your gingerbread lattes, peppermint mochas, creme brûlée lattes and salted caramel mochas…mmm..then of course it's soup and stew season. I'm also going into full blown textile mode where I buy every warm sweater, pillow or blanket I can find. I should be banned from Homegoods until January because every adorable holiday themed item makes it's way into my cart until I'm literally holding things down with one hand and trying to maneuver with another.

The other thing that changes up a lot is the weather (duh). With winter comes cool, dry air, hot air blowing in the car and the fireplace. All things that make it way dryer than the summer time. Because of this I have to change up the beauty routine a little bit and add some things to keep my hair and skin from drying out. Some of these things I use throughout the year anyway but I may repurpose them during this season to make sure I don't shrivel up like Spongebob out of water.

1. Gingerlilly Body Wash from Molton Brown
I had a mini sample of this at Keswick and I've been in love ever since. It's not so much a winter themed smell or particularly moisturizing but it smells great, makes me feel clean and is a great base with a gentle scent that isn't too overpowering for:

2. Ro's Argan body conditioner from Lush

Ro's Argan is supposed to be used like an in body moisturizer after you've sudsed up and rinsed off. In the winter time I use it just like a lotion all over my body. Not only does it keep me nice and moisturized but it smells like heaven. I sometimes find myself reapplying every now and then just because it smells that great.

3.  Obliphica Nourishing Mask from Amika

I got this one day in my birch box and it first hit me with how wonderful it smelled. It is a pretty strong scent but I find it nice because I always feel like my hair smells burnt and frizzled after I straighten it. This one is also supposed to be used as a rinse out mask in the shower. However, in the dryer months I take a tiny bit and smith it through the ends of my hair so they stay nice and shiny and conditioned.

4. Peppermint Foot Repair Salve from J.R. Watkins

Finally something seasonally appropriate! I love the fresh peppermint smell of this foot salve. It smells like a package of peppermint gum. It also has a thick consistency much like vaseline. I like to put this on before some big cozy socks after I get out of the shower. Bear agrees that this stuff is great as I have to jump on top of the bed to get away from him so he doesn't lick my feet!

another Birchbox treasure. Aside from the funny name this stuff is serious at what it claims to do. I use it on my lips when I'm having a particularly chapped day or even add a tiny bit to my hand lotion if I notice my skin getting very dry. It's scent-free and 100% natural. The best part about it is it's great for lips, elbows, or anywhere else your skin suffers from being exposed to the elements every day. The other great thing is your hair doesn't stick to it if you do happen to drive with your windows down even in sub-freezing temperatures.

6. Olive Oil Conditioner from Palmers

This is the cheapest and least yummy smelling thing in my winter hair routine. But it really does the trick. I love this stuff because, well, at $6 a bottle I can be very liberal with it's usage. But also because it's light enough to use as an every day conditioner but also works wonders for my hair if I use it even one day a week.

There you have it! These are my lotions and potions that I use to keep me from shriveling up and crunching like all the leaves Bear loves to eat. I would have also added hot chocolate and mulled cider to the list but I'm sure you already know those are a winter tradition around here since you'll soon find me shoving a mug of it in anyones face who comes to visit our home!

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