Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Random Bakery at Comicraze

The time has come, the time has past. Comicraze has been put under my belt and now I can say I spent a hot day in Midlan, VA selling cupcakes. I was originally messaged about Comicraze on Etsy, I was told it was a $25 vendor fee to get in and was promised to be a fun event with lots of vendor booths, comic book themes and people coming out to support a local animal charity. This being my first event for the bakery, I figured it was worth the 40 minute drive to setup, enjoy the day and watch people in their best costumes parade around and eat yummy food and drinks. It was also a great event for Adam (who stayed with me for a couple weeks this summer) since he loves comic books!

I am not one to be a negative nelly, so I won't be the one to dwell on the fact that maybe 10 people (other than the vendors) showed up to this event.  I actually ended up selling a majority of the cupcakes I brought with me. However I did feel for the other vendors that spent money to be involved, packed up their cars, drove out, unpacked, sat in the sweltering sun and didn't get any (or much) business.

I'm not 100% sure where the failure was but I have a feeling the event was poorly advertised. That and the fact that there was no sign for the event on a farm off of a back country dirt road probably did not help.

Regardless of that, I did actually think this was a successful event for the bakery. Other vendors and the few people that did come to the event purchased cupcakes. Not to mention Shauns mom and dad showing up out of the blue and buying 2 dozen. I swear they are the greatest!!!

Mainly the reason this was successful was because of the people I had helping me. Steph, Shauns sister, drove all the way up to my house Saturday morning, packed up her SUV (again the Mini doesn't carry things very well) followed me all the way down and spent the entire day just hanging out with me, setting up, cleaning up, watching Bear and Adam and selling cupcakes. Jason and his daughter Mya also showed up midway through, bought us pizza for lunch and helped sell cupcakes, hang out keep us entertained and pack up. They all followed me all the way back to the house and helped me unpack everything.

Not just that, when I told them I would at the very least buy them dinner (Chipotle) I later found cash in my purse and carseat. *I will get you back guys!! I promise you!!!!*

You guys, when I say I have incredible people in my life, I really really mean it. This was such a kind, selfless thing for them to do and it meant more than they or anyone could ever imagine. I'm seriously so lucky. They are absolutely incredible and some of my most favorite people. I don't even know why they want to hang out with me sometimes, but it's pretty great that they do.  : )

All in all, I enjoyed the day. Spending a beautiful day with some of my favorite people doing the thing that I love was special and I think I will always look back on this fondly regardless of foot traffic! 

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