Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adam and Bears birthday bash part 2

Here is part 2 of the festivities. I know I left some people out amidst the craziness of the party. I really wanted to get a picture of the moment the piƱata bottom fell out and the kids all dove for the candy, it was such a great moment to see!

how many bottles of coke do you think Adam snuck today?

Iron Chef Jason Bretzke with cupcake oven mitt

I personally love this photo set of Lenita and I. I don't remember what was so funny but she is just so gorgeous and fun and I adore her so much. 

pups all lined up for their photo shoot

Atlas stole the show! 
the pup and people "doggy bag" bar was a hit, although maybe I should label better next time?

Super Mom! 

Matt was having trouble with his princess puzzle, luckily Mya was kind enough to help! 

This is the picture I asked Adam to take.  We were in the very corner of this before I cropped it

look at this sweet little baby?! How can you not love that little face!!

Doesn't this color look amazing on her? She's so cute I can't even stand it! 

Time to blow out the candles, boys! 

Adam got cupcakes, bear got pancakes. Everyone got happy.
Adam opening his presents and cards with sheer delight

I can't even handle how fabulous Kim is...all.the.time.
Boys enjoying birthday presents! 

Sweet little Sampson, I love my nephew!!!

Happy happy dogs.

Music by Alejandro Salas

I love everything going on in this picture! 

the boys...oh wait...

now the boys! 

Love this group shot of everyone! Bear of course has to be front and center! 

goofy Bear! 

Momma and Poppa Hicks are the greatest! They had just gotten back from a trip to Alaska, I'm sure were exhausted but still came to celebrate with us. So thankful for them! 

Bear was happy to help with cleanup

All in all, I would say this party was a success. I'm still finding bits of balloons that Bear helped pop and pieces of puzzles and legos from Adam strewn about. It's all worth the time spent with great people to celebrate two of my favorite boys. 

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