Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Apple Picking

I love living in northern Virginia because the proximity to DC and Baltimore is close enough for a day trip. I also love that being out in the country affords us a nice 30-45 minute drive to incredible farmers markets, fall festivals, wineries and orchards with pick your own fruits and veggies.

Gurgle came in on Friday and we decided to do an apple picking trip. I really feel like we've started a tradition that must be repeated next year as well and will probably include some baking of apple pies, dumplings, crisps or whatever else strikes us.

Unfortunately this year Shaun and I had box seats to the longest MLB playoff game in history so we didn't get to bake together but I think next season we will start early and do all manners of berries as well as peaches in the late summer.

I didn't bring Bear and mistakenly thought it would be muddy after the rain we had the day before but it turned out to be the most gorgeous day for being up on a mountainside climbing around in trees picking fruit.  Next year I shall bring Bear as well as a picnic because it seems they are the only 2 things that could've made this day any dreamier!

I was going to feed this moo cow an apple, but then I read online that it could possibly give her bloat and make her very sick or die. I definitely didn't want to kill the poor fluffy thing so I apologized and told her she was still on a grass diet for now. 

she wasn't pleased about her lack of dessert.

I pretty quickly realized that climbing apple trees was one of my new favorite activities. Apple trees also being my new official favorite tree! 

gorgeous blue skies for miles and the crispest, sweetest apples ever. 

not to mention some sweet company!

Definitely one of the loveliest of days. In fact, I had to apologize for repeatedly saying "gosh this is such a perfect day!". But really, it was. With all of this anticipation for fall, after seeing the spent peach trees, I can't wait until next summer for picnicking under the trees with some ripe, juicy peach and a Gurgle and a Bear. 

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