Saturday, October 19, 2013

Farmers Market and a puppy play date

I don't even want to say how long I've been holding on to these pictures out of embarrassment.  I've been meaning to post them but you know, laundry, dishes, puppy walks and yard sale hunting sort of got in the way (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

This was a wonderful day that Shaun's parents, his sister Steph and her dog Sampson came over for a little puppy play date with Bear and a trip to the farmers market.  It was a beautiful Sunday and both pups were exhausted afterwards, as well as their parents! We will be visiting them again this Sunday and Bear can hardly control his excitement!

 The trip there was a good one. Previously Bear had a lot of car anxiety but I think cousin Sampson helped to ease his worried mind quite a bit. The other part (and my personal favorite photo set) was Momma Hicks giving him snuggles and kisses. He was pretty much honky dory after that!

How sweet is that?! I die every time I look at them. You have to go back and look at each of their faces individually. You can see Momma Hicks reasoning with Bear and trying to calm him down, the unexpected puppy kisses and the great moment after. You can see Bear warming up for the kiss, the his slight confusion after and then it looks like he is just totally pleased with himself in the end. I might make them into a flip book and give them to Momma Hicks for Christmas!

We ended up going to the Archwood Green Barn Farmers market in the Plains. It's my all time favorite farmers market so far with tons of amazing produce, delicious BBQ, tons of beautiful handcrafted things like jewelry, knives, coffee koozies and my favorite person to buy local hand raised meat, honey and rubs from Cowboy Patrick! Unfortunately cowboy Patrick was not there this past Sunday but when I go this weekend hopefully he will be there so I can stock up on his amazing ground beef and honey before the market is over for the season!

What wonderful day that makes for a great memory.  I look forward to having many more of these special days with family and friends as Bear gets older and experiences the world. While it is true that the variety of things I can do now with a puppy are limited, I feel that the places I take him and the things I do with him are extra special and such a treat to watch him grow and explore and learn. Winter should make for an exciting season, hopefully he will be bigger than any amount of snow we get so we don't lose him in a drift!

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