Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pretty Things: Fall Favorites

The cold rain finally came and with it out went my motivation.  We leave tomorrow for a retreat in Charlottesville and I should be running around, doing laundry, packing and cleaning and preparing for our road trip. But here I am, snuggled up with a blanket on the couch waiting for the sun to come back. I also attribute the fact that I woke up this morning to make coffee and much to my horror, we were out of k-cups. Goodbye cruel world, kill me now. I'm not sure how I'll make it through the day let alone get anything done. Something I can do without coffee is make a list of all the pretty things I've been seeing for fall. I'm about ready to retire all my summer clothes and ready to stock up on blankets and boots to get me through this season as gracefully as possible.

1. Bandolino Calliope Riding boots 99.95

I love a good cognac colored boot. These have enough of a heel to feel fun and flirty but are short and solid enough to use every day.

I love a good graphic print, but add the softness of cashmere and angora and I'm likely to never take off my new favorite sweater.

3. buttermilk biscuit cardigan-168
I'm channeling my inner 90s cable knit, grungy flower chid with this sweater. But it just looks so incredibly cozy, I can picture wearing this on the warmer days with a dress and boots and being perfectly fashionable and not completely freezing.

4. pumpkin stuffed with everything good

I have all sorts of sweet pumpkin recipes in my arsenal, the one thing I am missing is a savory pumpkin recipe that I would actually enjoy. Pumpkin is something I'd like to embrace for dinner but most of the recipes seem a little to exotic for my simple palate. This has bacon and cheese so there's really nothing more to talk about.

5. heirloom variety needle felt pumpkins-17.50

Needle felting is still one of those things I long to learn. With so many adorable, tiny little things to make, Fall is ever more the reason for me to learn how!

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