Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Weekend Adventures

It's Friday everyone! woohoo! I'm excited to say that this weekend I'll be heading down to Maryland to spend some time with my dad and little brother. It's been 2 weeks since I've seen them last and it feels like forever!

I'm pretty excited for this visit because my dad has really gotten into my thrifting thing/etsy business. So he called me yesterday to tell me about a new thrift shop he found near his house that we can go visit. He also said that the black raspberry bush behind his house will be going out of control this summer from all the rain we've had this winter. So tomorrow we'll be pruning back the bush to make it fuller and easier to access all the great berries. I cannot wait to have fresh berries and vegetables from the garden this summer! I'll share with you some great black raspberry related recipes too. I love working with in season produce, especially the ones I can get from the local farmers market!

So today I'll be heading to Maryland to pick lil brochacho from the bus stop, probably snag some frozen yogurt before dinner (shh! don't tell!) then tomorrow morning we are heading up to Pennsylvania to do some thrift and antique shopping! I absolutely love exploring new places and when I have a specific goal in mind it's even more fun!

Being out close to the mountains and a plethora of horse farms, sometimes I like to just drive around and snap pictures of all the beauty that nature provides us.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to snap some great pictures and snag some new items for the etsy shop. And you never know, maybe I'll find a piece or two for the house! I'll be back Sunday with my excursion photos and loot haul, see you Sunday!

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