Monday, March 11, 2013

Pieces of a day: Saturday through my iPhone

If you know me it's no surprise that my Saturday was spent surrounded by thrifting adventures and fluffy animals. In fact, if I had to choose 2 things to live out the rest of my life doing (with my loved ones of course) it would be going to the petting zoo and visiting flea markets and thrift shops. Yup. Exciting right?

Saturday was spent doing pretty much that. We had planned on heading to Pennsylvania to visit the antique stores but decided it was best to visit when the festivals and shows would be there, making it a bit more thrilling for the other 2 people in my party (dad and little bro).

So we winged it, as my family is notorious for doing. Instead we started the day at the flea market, hunting for treasures to fill the etsy shop or the house. Then a trip to the organic market with an unplanned visit from a pair of donkeys and a stop at the farm store to see some adorable bunnies and baby ducks and then a new thrift store adventure.

Here are the pieces of that day summed up in pictures.

Did you know that donkeys are essentially like tiny versions of horses but fluffy with giant heads?


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