Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Pinterest Roundup!

One of my new absolute favorite colors is gold. Yes, this is a very recent development.

I used to be a strictly silver girl but I've come to appreciate gold and how special it can make an outfit or a spot in the home.

Gold is beautiful and delicate if done the right way and it adds that little touch of glamour that is needed on those extra gloomy days. I still probably wouldn't be able to wear gold pants, rock a giant egyptian collar or drive a fiercely gold car

This is the wrong way to use gold.

But I do love the little accents in my life that are gold. Including the gold at the bottom of my favorite teal necklace the golden jar candle on top of the mantle and the amazing golden shimmer of the bubble bath from LUSH. The sun is also gold, let's not forget, and golden, sunny days are my favoite!

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