Saturday, September 7, 2013

10 years old

I don't know how my baby brother became 10. It seems like he remained 6 for years and then all of a sudden BAM he's in the double digits!  His birthday is actually in July, but with conflicting schedules and busy lives we weren't able to throw him an "official" birthday party. Instead I took him to Five Below and let him pick out everything he wanted, then we came back home and he played Xbox with Shaun, the next day I took him to the pool. So, a pretty sweet birthday weekend either way.

     The thing is, I've been planning his birthdays since he was little and it didn't feel right to not have something for him, on this, the momentous occasion of turning double digits. So I decided last minute, 2 days before that I would throw him a surprise belated 10th birthday party/5th grade party. There really wasn't a theme except perhaps Star Wars and sugar. 

     The day before I tried desperately to make a T-rex cake out of fondant. Making the cake and the fondant alone was quite a task, trying to keep the T-rex looking like a T-rex was an entirely different thing. I should've remembered to make rice crispie treats before so I could mold the fondant around the head instead of one solid block of it...but you know me and last minute planning!   Next I made a little banner out of burlap and scrapbook paper, bought as much candy and Star Wars themed items from everywhere that I could and invited over his 2 favorite aunts and sister. The trickiest part was making sure he didn't know what was going on while it was going on! I told him that I needed to let Meatwad out and so he had to play with Bear downstairs in the basement. He gladly obliged of course. As one by one everyone showed up, I hurried around setting up cake and candy and getting the BBQ started to grill some chicken and corn and baked potatoes.  By the time everyone had arrived and took their places, Adam and Bear were literally clawing at the door to come upstairs and see what was going on. So I turned on the Star Wars theme song, opened the door and watched his surprised little face light up with all his favorite family members waiting for him around his candy and dinosaur cake filled table.

It was a good day.

I love you little brochacho, you are the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful 10 year old I know.   You are funny and smart and not too shabby with a serrated blade on 5 pounds of fondant icing either! I am so excited to see you grow and learn and experience the world and turn into an extraordinary adult. 

Love, your big sister,

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