Sunday, September 29, 2013

Confessions of a reformed yogurt hater

2 months ago I hated yogurt, HATED it! I gagged when I tried to choke it down in the mornings while at my desk because I had convinced myself that it was far more healthy than anything else I was going to eat for breakfast or a snack. 

About 2 weeks ago I decided to try something different, something very different than anything I even like. Honey flavored greek yogurt with chai spices.


I don't even like chai! I absolutely despise cloves and greek yogurt?! Come on...that's like regular yogurt that's more yogurty! Gross! Apparently the few times I got the yogurt I decided that I loved it and the following week went back to the grocery store to buy more, but, alas, none of the THREE grocery stores I went to had it.  It was a sad day.

What was a girl to do? I finally found a yogurt that I enjoyed thoroughly that I could substitute my normal 3 mini airheads and a sausage and egg cheese breakfast sandwich for but it was impossible to find!

Well, my friends, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something drastically different. Why? It was probably one of those days that I walked into Wegmans hungry and ended up with 20 different items to create some elaborate Food Network recipe I saw one lazy Saturday that will never end up being made.

The only other yogurt that seemed slightly worth it was Chobani's-Flips! Almond Coco Loco yogurt. It's basically a lightly coconut flavored yogurt (that tastes like real coconut not suntan lotion) with dark chocolate pieces and slivers of toasted almonds that you mix in. Can you say DELISH!?

I usually don't message companies until I have a problem, this time is different. So I messaged them on their website to let them know I am ADDICTED to the Greek coco loco yogurt!! Do you know how many coco loco yogurts I ate today? This is embarrassing4? 5? If I didn't have self control I would've eaten more.  When I got to the grocery store, the poor girl that was stocking watched me arm swipe all of her hard work into my basket, then with a horrified look on her face, I turned to her and asked, "Do you have any more in the back?". I am seriously obsessed with this yogurt and I have to thank Chobani. For not only taking my absolute loathing of yogurt and flipping it upside down, but allowing me to stuff my face with something other than ice cream while watching Game of Thrones and jumping up and down screaming "Go Khaleesi!"

So my point in all this I guess, is that you may hate something for the longest time and perhaps you just haven't had the right kind yet? Maybe try another variety or revisit something now that you're older and wiser. I know that if I hadn't, I'd probably be typing this to you whilst devouring a giant bowl of half baked ice cream.

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