Saturday, September 28, 2013

Little Bears day at the lake

this is another blog post about my dog

A few weeks ago we decided to take Bear down to the lake and see if he would act like a retriever and jump into the water to catch a ball. Well, by the time we walked through the neighborhood his little nubbin legs were pretty tired and he kind of just sniffed around and sat on the picnic blanket.

I had placed Bear in various places in the woods to take pictures but I guess he was having one of those infamous model meltdowns and wouldn't sit still for anything. It was still a sweet little trip to the lake that ended with a fun little surprise for us, from Bear...

...thanks, Bear.

This is the last shot of a clean puppy. Apparently Bear still doesn't like the water (you'd think we were water-boarding him at bath time) but we discovered that what little Bear really enjoys, is mud.

This is after he splashed around in it with his paws and rolled over into it. By the end of the trip he was a two-toned Bear and looked like he had just jumped into a chocolate milkshake.

Here's a little video of the action for you:

The walk back home was interesting. What was even better was when we got home and gave him a bath. Did I mention Bear hates baths?

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