Friday, August 22, 2014

Kidwell Farm at Frying Pan Park

Wednesday Adam, Bear and I met up with Debi and Madison to visit Kiwell Farm at Frying Pan Park.  Debi is probably one of the few people on earth that is more passionate about animals as me! That including the fact that she is just awesome and has the same ideas, creativity, dreams and thoughts as me is why we are such good friends. (Seriously, we often finish each others thoughts)

Although I was suffering from a mild aura and migraine for most of the day, it was still a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time exploring and seeing the animals! Since I felt so terrible, I'm glad I snapped pictures so I have these wonderful memories to look back upon!

Bear and this sheep were BFFs, it seemed they were both sad to leave each other!

Everyone was a fan of the baby quails

how could you not be?

Bear and Madison together were quite frankly the most adorable thing I've ever experienced.

You can see Bear got tired of my squealing every time they were together.

the farm had the cutest farmhouse still on the property, with everything inside filled with period items. I still think I could live happily with this kitchen on a daily basis. 

It seems our destiny to live in a creaky old farmhouse was solidified with this picture of Bear standing on the front porch, light dancing around him like angels were calling us to stay.

I wanted to pull up a rocking chair and sip some sweet tea on this front porch!

I'm not sure what Bear became so serious about halfway through, but it's quit a funny juxtaposition between him and the two sweet, smiling kiddos.

Immediately after the previous pictures, when we were safely in the shade, Bear began to smile again. Then again, how could you not?!

The sheep this time around weren't as friendly and loving as the first ones. We think Bear may have been flirting with one of their girlfriends and a few boy sheep grew a little jealous and stompy.

luckily, sweet Maddie was always there to cheer Bear up. Made my heart jump a little bit every time she snuggled up to him!

the moo cows kept their distance today. Although it was a packed day at the farm, apparently there was a kids concert and a magician so there were children and parents running everywhere.

I loved the little bathtub for the ducks. Seems quite fitting on a farm.

This little hobbit house was my favorite too. Sweet Maddie was picking flowers for her momma the entire time we were there, Debi managed to get an impressive little bouquet of wildflowers by the end.

When we first came over to this big guy, he began rolling and splashing in the mud, Adam and Bear got splashed a little as well, now they fit in! 

Maddie decided she would take on the responsibility of walking Bear, she did quite a good job too if I say so myself! 

I was so in love with all of the big old red buildings throughout the farm, as well as all the sweet animals that were lazing around on the hot day.

On the other side of the farm was a merry go round. A "carousel" as Adam corrected me.

We went into the farm store to get cider and water, there was no cider left but Maddie got a push pop and Adam got ice cream. It's hard to say no, ya know?

In fact she took that push pop with her through the playground, happily enjoying her snack amidst the screaming and flailing children.

Adam even made a new caterpillar friend! 

I am so happy I got to spend the day with some of my favorites! I look forward to next time when I'm well enough to 

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