Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Changes: Before and After end table

I don't know about you, but I get bored with decor and therefore frustrated very easily. I remember as a kid I would rearrange the furniture in my room once a month by leaning against the wall and pushing stuff around with my legs, tugging on tables and beds and dressers until the room arrangement was fresh and I was satisfied with a new layout.  The desire for change hasn't left me as an adult, the only difference is I can pick some things up and move them around now, although the sit your butt on the carpet and push with your legs method still works for me most of the time.

Now, if you know me, you know I am all about the mid century mod design. However, what I didn't realize in a lot of my early thrifting/yard sailing was the difference between good and bad vintage. Yup, pretty much anything old was good to me. I was young and naive then, you know...last year. 

I was also a very eager shopper. I had that "I can't leave without something" mentality that had me picking up and taking things home that I really never had any business laying eyes upon. Luckily most of those purchases were either small pieces or were big projects that I eventually got around to. 

One of the purchases I made last year was a set of end tables and a coffee table from Salvation Army. I really had no use for the coffee table and it still sits in the spare bedroom which is now a makeshift closet. However I thought I had it all figured out with the end tables. These end tables were definitely mid century styled, but had a terribly tacky faux wood top and a weird weave pattern on the front drawers. This simply would not do.

So I got to work painting the waffle pattern on the front of the drawers teal.

Yeah...this is when teal was the answer to all my problems. Teal was the end all be all color. Don't like the pattern? Get it in teal! Don't like the texture? Paint it teal! Well, this lasted maybe 2 weeks until I finally repainted the drawers white and stuck them next to the bed in the spare bedroom.  

Although they served their purpose well enough as makeshift nigh stands from end tables, I was never happy with the styling of them, I didn't realize this was because the tables were just ugly.

The other day when I lit my inspirational pumpkin candle and pulled my fall decor out from the basement, I had a total epiphany...

why not use the end end tables?!

Gosh I was such a genius. The thing is, we've been using two thrifted trunks stacked on top of each other as an end table in the living room for the longest time. Mainly because I couldn't find an end table that I liked. Who woulda thunk I had it upstairs in the bedroom the entire time?!

Now, obviously the table was still ugly, so a little bit of modifying was in order.  I will use almost any excuse to whip up some chalk paint, so I got a creamy antique white color and got to work. I already had a vision in my head of a worn and faded end table that looked like it was dug out of the back of a barn so when the paint was dry I got to work with my sanding block. Chalk paint is great because you don't have to sand anything prior to painting, but is also very delicate in it's pre waxed form. So I sanded as much as I wanted to give it a nice weathered look then took to waxing it.

 I wanted to get the project done before Shaun came home so it could be set and styled before he said "what are you gonna do with that?" which of course is Shaun for "I don't like that please don't put it in our home". 

Once the wax was dry I brought the table in, moved the trunks and put it in place. It was like it was a piece of furniture that was built to go at the end of a sofa...weird, right?!

I'm so happy that fall is here so I get to bring out all the orange and gold and colors that make sipping coffee in a sweater that much more gorgeous.

So what are your thoughts? Is using furniture for it's intended purpose ok? Or should I stick to being a decorating hipster and maybe start wearing ladles as earrings and sleeping on the dining room table?

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