Monday, August 18, 2014

Small Changes: Before and after movie wall

Slowly but surely we are making progress and adding color to the house. Little by little, painted walls, rugs and pieces of furniture are coming together to make this big tan box feel more like our home. The office is coming together which has made a much bigger impact than I imagined. It was a room we had sort of become "blind" to and almost became the junk room. Although it's nowhere near finished, we finally painted it and stuck the desk in so that's made a huge difference so far. I decided that since I was already covered in paint I would finally tackle the "movie" wall I've been planning for over a year!

 This was the space before:

A giant yellowish tan blob with equally tan carpet, making the entire space just feel like a pale yellow box.

I loved the little shelf that we had and considered putting some little trinkets and vases there but I felt they wouldn't make a big enough impact on the giant blank canvas that sat above it. So I got to work painting it the same Valspar: Rugged Suede as the office and framed and hung my favorite etsy movie prints with 40% off frames from AC Moore! Score!

Here is the after:

I also made a little "Bear Den" sign, that's the name of our basement, nothing else suited it so well.  I love fun and whimsical area it adds to our house, like having our own little movie theater wall at home! 

Bear waiting to greet you as you come up the stairs.

Some of my favorite prints:

I am pretty happy with the way our little focal wall turned out. There are some spots I need to touch up on the wall, just like in the office but it's nice to finally feel some progress in the house. 

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