Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pieces of a Day Alexandria, Va

This is actually a couple weeks ago but since I'm inside the house by myself today while Shaun is at work I figured what better time than now to finally post all of the pictures of our brisk but sunny sunday house-hunting in Alexandria?

 For those of you unfamiliar with the DMV area, Alexandria, VA is a beautiful historic town just outside of Washington DC. It's filled with cafes, eclectic restaurants, boutiques and antique shops. In other words, my kinda place.

We decided to look here because it would be the best of city living and the charm of old town, walking along the January streets was a treat by itself and I snapped a few pictures in hopes to capture it's charm.

In complete honesty, I took way to many pictures.  But after a nice brisk stroll through downtown Alexandria we decided that it was a beautiful place to visit, but maybe not a place for us to live.

The proximity to DC is great in some aspects and not so great in others. I, of course, want to live on a baby goat/llama farm out by the mountains, Shaun has a bit more of a practical view of the world.

But all in all we decided the traffic, hustle and bustle and extraordinary prices of the city life just wasn't for us. So we searched farther out towards the Blue Ridge Mountains and we may have just found the perfect thing.

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