Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pretty Things

Can you tell that I catch up on my blogging on Sundays?

Since I've been in crazy house hunting/painting/decorating mode the past few weeks I wanted to share some of the amazing things I found from my favorite ever furniture store, West Elm. They are like the grown up, unisex furniture version of Anthropologie. I told Shaun the last time we went there (last night) that he could literally buy anything in that store and I would be happy with it.

Since I can't show you the whole store, I've narrowed it down to my favorite few items for people looking to furnish a house or just for some nice accesorries!

1. Glass Terrariums

These pretty glass terrariums have a great metal base to hold them up from a table and give them an elevated, clean look while still remaining organic and beautiful. I can imagine these on the desk in the office, in my craft room, on the mantle or the kitchen window above the sink.  Anywhere you put these beauties they bring a great organic, green feel to your home. $59-$99

2. Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Covers and Shams
I have always loved the scrunchy, pin-tucked look of these type of bed dressings. I love the light grey because it works with almost every type of room from warm colors to neutrals to cools. Light grey is a universal safe color. You can paint that wall anything except neon and it will look elegant, cozy and wonderful.

You wanna know what's even better about this set right now? It's 20% until Monday! Since Shaun won't let me go too frilly for the master bedroom, I may just have to pick these up for the guest room! $19-$111

3. Mid-Century 6-drawer Dresser

This is clearly more of a splurge item. But I really really think a dresser can make or break a room. I love the warm tone of this wood dresser and obviously the mid-century theme of it's styling. The wonderful thing about mid-century pieces (or those that are designed like it) is that they work so well with a vintage or modern themed room. This can easily be dressed up with a shiny metal lamp, statue or mirror to give it a modern feel. It can also be easily paired with vintage pieces to give it a classic, vintage feel. The possibilities really are endless. Also, where you go with a basic, inexpensive bed frame you can build a pallet headboard and stain it to match this piece. This is definitely suited for a master suite. $799

4. Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp

You guys, can we talk about lighting for a second? As much as I think furniture and placement make a room my true belief is that no matter how you style something, anything, the lighting is what can make a room look like a brilliant HGTV designer room or a torture dungeon. Lighting is essential to a rooms decor. If you have a beautifully styled room with no natural light and dim, yellow lamps or even worse, a terrible globe in the middle of the ceiling it will ruin everything.  This lamp is a floor standing unit with clean lines and a wonderful adjustable base so depending on how high your furniture is or at what angle you want the light to come from you can adjust it. Again, these piece works well with classic or modern design and fits perfectly into almost any room in the house. But I would most definitely put this in the living room or entertaining space to show off it's great architectural style. $169

5. ZigZag rug-platinum/ivory/citron

I have been crushing on chevron for quite some time now and so when we decided we were buying a house I figured it was the perfect time to go chevron crazy on every single item I could find.  Shaun, however, does not share my chevron-crazed sentiment so I had to compromise. In my opinion, this rug is a great compromise. It has light, neutral colors that work with any decor with a great pop of yellow at both ends. Great for a family room or living room and it's low pile so cleanup and animal fur are not a problem! $49-$749

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