Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pieces of a Day-Dads House

Pictures from Saturday. Friday night we had an awesome girls night at Erin's house, who is also such a spectacular hostess. I unfortunately developed a killer headache and was unable to climb the awesome rock wall her and Ben built in the garage but I stayed long enough to watch The Beauty and the Beast, paint Beans nails, snap some photos and snuggle on the couch with Bella, Erin's awesome dog. Since I felt so crappy I headed home late Friday night and woke up late on Saturday morning with the same blasted headache.  I took some aspirin and got to snapping some etsy photos. 

I ended up taking a decent amount of pictures, taking measurements, organizing and cleaning some of the beloved items I had been hoarding and refusing to list since I secretly wanted to keep them for myself. I also ended up snapping a few photos around the house of my dads dog, Sophie, the fluffiest, craziest, loviest little puppy you will ever meet and some snippets of my really terribly messy room. 



1/2/3-Small snippets of my messy room, dresser top with clutter, other dresser with my ever growing milk glass collection. My bed with a poster of the borobudur temple in Bali that I someday want to visit.
4/5/6/7/8-etsy items, tiny mouse with giant ears, iron candlesticks, vintage dress, vintage corduroy coat, amazing tooled leather purse I don't want to let go of.
9-Sophie asking what I was doing snapping photos and not rubbing her belly
10-pizza with fresh oregano from the garden
11-a mix of refrigerator magnets from me and my 9 year old brother
12-my dads nautical themed clock, barometer and key hook wall
13/14/15/16/17-Sophie, the great pizza beggar.
18.19-the shelf which holds part of my vintage pyrex collection. It's gotten sort of...out of hand
20-old records and a picture of me and my boo
21-vintage Christmas reindeer decor that has yet to be shoved into the attic
22-A little snippet of my room, next to my bed that I get to see every morning when I wake up. Photo set of my best friend Kristi, little brochacho and me. Handmade wreath and a picture of my boo and the bunny. Also a dollar store mirror I spray painted pink when I was going through a phase of spray painting everything I owned.

I hope your Saturday was as uneventful and productive as mine!


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