Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pretty things

In the seemingly exact opposite direction of my last post, I'd like to share with you some items I really truly adore and are in my shopping list for 2013. 

Although I am sticking with my budgets and trying to maintain some self control, these are all items that are not only pretty but functional and useful for my etsy business. 

It just so happens that they are adorable as well. ; )

1. Macbook Air Notebook

This is the big one so I'll start large. Like I stated before, using Shauns laptop for all my blogging, editing, emailing, etsy shop updating etc. gets old fast. My laptop is technically 5 years old now and almost considered vintage (but totally not in a cute way). I should probably be more interested in a Pro due to all the things you can do with it but it's big, bulky and heavier than the air.  I'm not delving into any heavy duty photoshop editing (right now) so as it stands, this seems like a nice option for me. Also, they range from $999-$1499 and that price definitely seems doable for me! Macbook air

2. Green Canvas Camera Bag w/ Shoulder Strap

 Another item I want but do not need that is oh so pretty and very very functional.  I do currently have a camera bag, the one that came with the kit that Shaun bought me with my camera for Christmas. But it is simply functional. It's not neccesarily something I want to carry around town with me while I snap pictures. This? This I would take everywhere. I would take it places I don't even intend to take pictures of just simply because of how adorable it is. This would completely 86 the need for a purse as I can carry my iphone, keys, lipgloss, lenses, notebook and possibly even a laptop within it. How perfect is it? Also, it's on etsy and my goal has been to shop local or handmade as much as possible.  Even if I could not fit a laptop or my big bulky notebook I could always get a small tote or messenger bag for that stuff such as  this one. Or this adorable one. Or this classy one. Or perhaps any of the other ones in the 250 pages of etsy search results! Anyways, I'm getting a bit carried away. The original bag in question is $72 and there are a variety of colors available. I really like the rugged, military look of this one. Plus if I ever go on an African safari I think I'd blend right in.

3. Dalahast Loungers

Ok. I don't need this...at all. But How perfect are they to lounge around in on a snowy day, editing photos, blogging and taking pictures for the etsy shop? Can I somehow code these as a business expense? No? Ok, fair enough. Anthropologie   $39.95

4. 100 parcel gift tags

Ok. Back to business. These gift tags from knot & bow etsy shop would be great to add to clothing and shoes in the shop. Plus a perfect addition to gifts, which I am trying to do more of (creating) this year. She also has ridiculously adorable heart stickers in a variety of colors that I might have to snag as well. $19 for a pack of 100

5. Notebooks

Here we have about a bazillion options. I was going to order one online that really fit my needs but being ever the impatient one I didn't wait to do my research and impulse bought a pretty cute one from walmart. I still think I'll need another one so I've compiled a short list of some of the ones I am digging on etsy right now. So here beings the list.

1. "My New Business" Moleskin notebook-if this doesn't scream perfect for my shop, I don't know what does. This is the perfect size for a little carry along journal I can keep in my bag and note little details on items I am purchasing or selling or even little random ideas that come to mind. $7.43.
2. Einstein mini notebook and pencil set-"Logic will get you from A-Z, imagination will get you everywhere". Although I'm pretty sure the quote is "A-B" it's still an adorable little notebook, perfect for big ideas that I can dream up while sitting in a park having a picnic looking at the different animals in the clouds. $8.
3. Vintage Map Covered Composition Book-There is just something about maps that I absolutely adore. These composition books are no different. Also, I love an upcycled item! $8.
4. Mark Twain Quote Journal-"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Such a beautiful, inspirational quote from one of the greatest. This notebook is beautiful and functional and I love that it's a spiral notebook, it greatly helps my left-handedness! $16.

 I suppose this list got a tad bit out of hand. But I promise to note make any purchases until I've earned it, and I have maintained my goals for 2013.

happy wish listing!

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