Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mondays music became Song for Saturday-Modest Mouse

Monday was the start to a very dreary week. On Monday it took a bit longer for the daylight to begin. The sun was there but refused to peek out from behind the greyness of the morning. It could be the fog that settles itself in the valleys and in between the bare branches of the trees.

On my way in to work, in my rear view mirror, headlights cutting through the settled cloud resemble cookie crumbs at the bottom of a glass of milk. To say Monday set the tone for the rest of the week is an understatement. I was put through the ringer this week. The stress that has been building up for years, for months for weeks and days finally made me come to a breaking point.

Needless to say, Monday wasn't the appropriate time for this awesome song, it was more of a Bon Iver-Blood Bank type of day. So without further ado, Modest Mouse with Missed the Boat

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