Thursday, January 31, 2013

We bought a house!

Home Sweet Home!

We did it! We finally found a home! It was a long and exhausting and sometimes frustrating experience (especially towards the end) but we finally found a house that will truly be worth calling a home! We are absolutely thrilled and completely overwhelmed with the excitement this stage in our lives has brought and cannot wait until move-in day! 

It's also kind of crazy how quickly this happened. We have been searching, like really searching for over a year. We are kind of picky and didn't want to sacrifice on the things that were important to us.  When we found this home, we decided over lunch to make an offer. On the 13th (a Sunday and one day before Shaun's birthday) a foggy, dreary, misty day we put in an offer. The following day, on Shaun's birthday we negotiated and they accepted our offer. By Wednesday we had financing approved and the following Thursday was the walk-through!

It's a terribly exciting time in our lives but also a crazy and hectic one. My last week of work at the shop is this week and Friday the movers will be coming to move all of our life (which is in boxes at the moment) to our new home. Saturday will be the first day I am in the house when it is mine and the first day I will be setting everything up. 

I feel like I've been on edge (but in a good way) for quite some time now. Ever since we put in the offer 2 weeks ago. I've been anxious and stressed anticipating the final settlement date (that was Tuesday!) and the craziness of moving all of our belongings into a new place and taking a few weeks (to a month) off of work to get our home in order.  The excitement of moving and planning and decorating and organizing almst overcomes the fact that I will not have a regular 9-5 job for an undetermined amount of time. I guess it's time to kick the etsy shop into overdrive!

I'll post pictures next Monday when our internet has been installed of all our empty space and sad lack of furniture, I'll also post pictures of the new things that are being delivered as well as the painting process, cleaning, organizing, breakdowns and panic attacks and little squabbles with Shaun.

Well I probably won't post the latter but I'm certain that all 3 will happen.


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