Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pieces of a Day: Etsy listings and motivation

If I were to say the past few days have crawled past, that would be an understatement.  Being refined to the house has it's perks (not ever changing out of pajamas, keeping it clean, catching up on laundry) but when you only have a rebellious bunny to talk to, things can get kind of boring. Boredom, to me, eventually leads to insanity. So I try to stay occupied as often as I can.

Lately, the only things I've been motivated to do were the dishes, laundry, dusting and job hunting. Contrary to popular belief, one can only do so much of each of those activities.  Today I started out my normal routine of sitting down with a cup of tea, searching the interwebs for job listings and trying to prevent Meatwad from catching himself on fire (like he tried to do yesterday).  After enough of that I decided to finally update my etsy shop as the item I sold last week has me thinking of how much I've been neglecting it lately. I am almost completely unprepared if an item sells again this week and I needed to get my butt into overdrive if I was going to keep it going. So today I snapped a few pictures and listed a few items. A bit later on I'll swing by the Salvation Army and see if there are any fun items I can snag for cheap and list. I also am dying to decorate the 2 extra bedrooms and our front porch. I know I'm getting ahead of myself since nothing else is really finished either but I get a bit too optimistic and motivated at times and feel like I can do all of the things on my list at once. So here I am to slow it down, put my thoughts together in a somewhat organized manner and show you the pieces of my day so far.

1/2/3. Etsy Items listed today. Those gorgeous copper canisters were given to me by Shauns mom to help kickstart my little business and I hate to part with them but we don't have the room to appreciate them here. The little bird molds might not leave though, I'm kind of smitten with them.
4. The fabric on these gorgeous pants that I put on to take a picture of, realized I'm awful at self pictures and found out they were so comfortable that I haven't taken them off since.
5. This is what happens when you try to model your own items. At least, when you try to model your own items and you're not very good at it.
6. Oh hello! In the process of setting the self timer I took multiple accident selfies of myself. At least now if I ever wanted to become and actress I have plenty of blurry headshots to submit.
7. intentional selfie.  I never realized how much I needed to clean this mirror (it was left out in the great dusting event of the past few days)
8. These awesomely amazing boots that might be way too fabulous for me to wear. I bought them for $20 when I was out with Mani and I am so in love with them but I am terrible at being bold and taking chances with fashion. I might have to suck it up tough, a rainy, grey day like today could use a little pop of color!

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