Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Memories and Creating New Ones-Gurgle and our Eastern Shore chocolate/sushi/oyster/outlet days

You know how you have those childhood friends that you've known since you were born so they were always around? Then you have those friends you've known for almost forever but it's kind of the same thing? It feels like there was never a time in your life when you didn't know that person? Well, that's Gurgle.

One of our many trips to the best sushi place in the world!

This girl right here I've known for what feels like forever. In reality we have known each other since Middle School. Since 7th grade art class to be exact. When I was on this big Blink 182 Kick and we shared the mutual appreciation for them...ok it was more so she appreciated their music and I was obnoxiously in love with them, but you get the point.

Before I begin talking about how awesome Gurgle is, let me tell you how she actually got her name Gurgle, it's not as creepy/disturbing as you would think.

So when we met in Middle School, AIM was the big thing.  So of course upon meeting and clicking we exchanged screen names and began to chat outside of the dreaded middle school atmosphere.  I was Beatlesbaby and she was grlgoneinsane. Now, any normal person would read that screen name as it was supposed to be "Girl Gone Insane" but no, not me. For the longest time, I mean almost a year, I had thought her screen name was "Gurgleinsane" because, well who am I to judge and also, I just don't pay that much attention. So one of my more perceptive days I noticed it when we were chatting and I mentioned it to her. "hey, so I thought your screen name was Gurgleinsane" of course laughs were had at my stupidity and we carried on. But from that point forward, I thought that since I had thought this entire time it was Gurgleinsane, that her properly coined nickname should be Gurgle. And bless that girls heart if she didn't find it or me offensive. Middle school me was incredibly stupid and angsty and therefore I didn't see that it wasn't the sweetest nickname you could give a friend but she was Gurgle and she's been Gurgle ever since.

Ok. Now that that's over with. I'd like to share with you just how awesome of a friend Gurgle is. Gurgle has been there through every single one of my boyfriends. She has been there through me being a complete idiot as a teenager, all of my faults and craziness and she has still remained my friend. She was in the car when my ex boyfriend (who was 24 and stoned at the time) crashed my car into another car in Curtis Bay (if you know Maryland you know how much of a hole this place is) while we were in the car and allowed me to take the blame for it. She was still my friend after that. She was my friend when I was a selfish little preteen who cared about nothing but myself. She was my friend when I was angsty and oh so stupid with my hormone-filled rants (that sometimes still continue to this day) and through all the flaws and problems I've been through, she has been my friend.  I don't know if any of you have those kinds of friends, the ones that you can call and talk about absolutely absurd things to and they don't judge you, they don't think you're crazy and they don't expect anything from you. That's the kind of friend Gurgle is.
This is coming back from one of our favorite local bands shows in Virginia. That's all I'll say about this one!

I've always known that she was a great friend and that I probably shouldn't take her for granted, but sometimes life gets in the way. When she was in college, since she's so intelligent and such a hard-worker she cut off communication with most of the outside world. A thing I was never strong enough to do. She did what she had to do to get where she wanted to be and damn if I can't admire that quality in a human being.
a fun little music cafe we found in Ellicott City (that's not there anymore unfortunately)

Our Joss trips! 

She and I fell in love with baking around the same time and we had these awesome get togethers where we would bake cookies and cupcakes and fill the house with the smell of chocolate and sugar.

We held a bake sale for Cookies for Kids Cancer which entailed us staying up all night baking and decorating (plus one day prior).
Some of the billions of cookies, brownies and cupcakes
This was night one
Our finished product

We went to Myrtle Beach and she put up with my sick butt the entire time and even cooked a huge pile of bacon in the morning (<wife material right there guys!)

Standing on the balcony! Isn't she so pretty?
My stuffed dolphin, Weetee and her Pookie (From Garfield) made the trip with us
This 8000 calorie hot fudge sundae shake+a little sunshine made my sickness go away instantly

We've also been total goobers together

Gurgle was sick for a while so I came to operate visit her.

We also went to numerous concerts, shows and shopping trips. Our most routine one now is Abbey Road on the River which is held every year at National Harbor. 

One of our first years!
This past year, Natalie came (who is also a dear friend from Middle School) and we took this painful/amazing shot of all three of us 10 years later.
Kind of crazy what will happen in 10 years time, isn't it?

That is just what I could find on facebook. There are a billion other awesome memories I have with gurgle. Some of our most recent is road-tripping to the Eastern Shore to get fried oysters and pit-ham from the AVF hall. We are typically the youngest ones there by about 50 years. Afterwards we'd hit up Oh My Chocolate for some delicious Tiger Butter and Tiger Butter Crunch.

When the VFW was closed and the oysters were out of season we'd hit up the Queenstown Outlets occasionally and get a little shopping done. One of those occasions we discovered an amazing little sushi place, second only of course to Joss, that had BOGO sushi! And it was fresh and delicious! And amazing! Joss Sushi became one of our instant new favorites although we haven't frequented there as much as we would like it still holds a very special place in my heart and I'd love to visit there again soon!

These are just a fraction of all the amazing adventures and good times I've had with Gurgle. She represents this calm part of my life, the well put-together, you can do it side of my life. She holds herself with such poise and grace that I can only one day hope to be on her level.


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