Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturdays Song-Dream a Little Dream of Me

I know it's not Saturday anymore, but yesterday was a bit hectic, between coming back from Maryland, unpacking things and paying attention to this little attention starved bunny.

Today has been a bit more serene albeit frigid. Ya see, Shaun and I have both been having slight allergy problems since moving into the new house. That's nothing really out of the ordinary, we both suffer from allergies, but never usually around this time of year, indoors and to the extent they are occuring.  So Shaun got to googling yesterday to see why the house hates us and I recommended that when the weather gets nicer we should open all the windows and do a full clean wiping down everything and de-allergizing things (wow spellcheck didn't tell me that was a fake word!).  So today it got to 50 and of course, since he didn't have to suffer through the not-really-that-warm temperatures, Shaun opened all the windows and left me and Meatwad to shiver like little popsicles.

Needless to say it got a bit chilly, I closed the majority of the windows a few hours ago since I could no longer feel my hands and Meatwad was hunched up in a little ball next to the fireplace, praying that I flick the switch and deliver him some much needed relief.

So after spending a nice peaceful day, snapping etsy inventory photos, attempting at organizing the craft room and making some crockpot chili I am finally getting back to my blogging. It's been a Louis Armstrong type of day and even though this is mainly Ella Fitzgerald, it's one of the happiest, most magical, enchanting songs ever made in my opinion. So simple, so beautiful, timeless, you just can't go wrong with this great classic! So here's to a warmer, chili and jazz-filled Sunday afternoon and the newest episode of The Walking Dead!

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