Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty Things: World Market with pops of color!

So I'm sure with all the posts I've made recently you can gather that we have a new home and therefore a lot more space to furnish and decorate. This is one of my favorite things in the world! Decorating, planning, prepping and making things looks nice is one of my favorites! I know that making a dinner party look fancy isn't the biggest priority in the world but it makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, can't that be enough? ; )

Today my pretty things post is from one of the places I used the shop while we were in Fairfax all. the. time, World Market. The problem was, with a tiny little condo, there wasn't much for me to furnish! The fantastic thing about World Market, however, is that they don't just sell furniture! In fact, I've purchased, jewelry, gift bags, wine and nutella from World Market! Now you understand why I am so in love!

We still have the couch, dining chairs, rug, console table, laundry room items, duvet covers and more set to be delivered this week and next so I'm waiting a bit on any other large purchases to see how the space comes together so far. I guess because of the grey weather we've been having, I've been in color overdrive lately and that is certainly reflected in my post today!  Here are some pretty (and pretty colorful) things for my wish-list from World market that I'd like to fill our home with in the upcoming weeks!

1. Formula One Red Classic Adirondack Chair-$99.99

Now don't get me wrong, this color would not be my first choice. They have a light teal option that is of course my favorite color of all time. But our house is red and black and white so getting these in red will probably be my only choice of color pop once we install a deck or for the front porch. I think our style of house is just begging for a good adirondack chair!

I've been going all out on the rustic vibe for our main living area and dining room. Besides the couch I'm using an old trunk as a side table and I think this would look glorious atop it next to a pretty vase of flowers or a few Martha Stewart magazines. I also love that for just $40, I can pick out any shade from the variety of shades they have there to top this beauty off and add my pop of color there. Did someone say light teal?

The other one of my favorite colors to decorate with is pale yellow. I think it's bright enough to use as an accent color in combination with almost any other warm, neutral or cool color scheme. But it's also soft and feminine enough to use in large statement pieces like a settee, curtains or a patterned area rug.  These would look quite nice on the floor in a large white trellis style vase, or atop the mantle in a tall, skinny apple green vase.

4. Red Ikat Print Burlap Throw Pillow-$24.99

don't even, I mean do not get me started on pillows and throws.  I can't be left alone in those aisles when out shopping.  I am a sucker for blankets (since I'm always snuggling with one in bed, on the couch, in the car *did I say car?* I love what a colorful throw pillow can do for a room. Have you tried just changing out your pillows throughout the seasons? It makes a world of difference, I tell you! The thing I love about this pillow, other than it's brilliant pattern and colors is that it's made of burlap. Burlap is one of my favorite materials because it can really tone down a space. If this pillow was a satiny, shiny finish it would look like something straight out of the 90s movie, Clueless. But the burlap makes this pillow appropriate for 2013, although I might not be able to wait until summertime to pick up a couple of these!

Ok so maybe I cheated a little bit. This is quite clearly not an item for the home. But I just had sneak in a bit of teal in this countdown and with this beauty on the homepage of the website, taunting me, calling my name, I just had to add it! Can't I pretend it's like my vacuuming necklace? My power necklace to help me crush all these loads of laundry I have yet to do? Can someone help me convince Shaun that it somehow doubles as a door knocker?

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