Friday, February 8, 2013

Mondays Music: Led Zeppelin, a belated end of the week post

This week has been crazy, but a good kind of crazy of course! Unpacking and organizing and cleaning and setting up furniture and loads upon loads of laundry and cleaning the condo to get ready to sell it.  This week has blown by but somehow felt like forever at the same time. It's probably due to my being inside the house almost all day every day and don't get me wrong, I am enjoying every bit of it. I think everyone should take a nice break from work, life, emotions, stress, people and everything else life seems to bombard you with every day.  Mine of course will hopefully be a short break as I still need to find a job out here in Virginia somewhere that I will be happy and not have too excruciating of a commute.

Regardless of all that I've been slacking a bit on blogging and I really should keep up with it since I do spend a lot of time at home with access to a computer (so no excuses!).

As a very belated, end of the week post for my Monday music I'm still rocking it old school with a little bit of Led Zeppelin. Because let's be honest, when is not a good time for Led Zeppelin???

Led Zeppelin-Hey Hey what can I do

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