Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pieces of a Day: Valentines Day

Today was Thursday as well as Valentines day. Shaun had the day off so we spent it running errands and buying furniture. Our new rug came today which was quite nice but I'm embarrassed to show it without our new sofa here. It's been 2 weeks since we ordered it and it will be another 2 weeks until it arrives. I feel like it's the one last piece that we are waiting for to tie the main floor together. Of course there is still a ton of artwork and miscellaneous decor that also needs to be added, but once the sofa and chair show up I'll be happy to have people over for dinner and drinks.

With the new move we haven't had a ton of time to do much of anything except for house stuff. I'm not complaining, I love working on the house, it's possibly one of my favorite things. But we didn't have too much time for a fancy dinner. We assembled furniture, I baked cupcakes for the neighbors, cleaned a bit, rolled out the new rug, cleaned a bit more and then went to Ikea to get furniture for my craft room (more on that exciting stuff soon).  We decided to try out a little local mexican place called La Vaquera right down the street. We both hadn't showered, were in tattered clothes from moving furniture and exhausted and messy from all of our grunt work. But we had one of the best dinners EVER. Delicious mexican food, super inexpensive ($22 for both of us and Shaun got a giant margarita!!!) and great entertainment and conversation. It was something we've been needing. I have a feeling it will become one of our go to's quite soon and I look forward to our next visit.

I only had time to snap photos early in the day but I got a couple of the pretty flowers Shaun picked me up yesterday. Can't wait until I have my own flower garden to pick my own for my milk glass collection.

1. bunny waiting for his breakfast 
2. Shauns boots after a short hike through the woods
3. "what do you mean I can't be up here?"
4+5. Flowers from my boo
6. scrambled eggs, orange and mint green tea to start the day
7. Someone finally got off the couch
8. The $90 laundry bin I ordered finally arrived. I'm not sure why I spent $90 on a hamper
9. more flowers and chocolates from Momma Hicks
10. Foyer is coming together nicely. Still need some artwork and legs for the benches. 
11.  More flowers from my boo <3
12. Cereal with a little white chocolate heart
13. Kisses from my other valentine

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