Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Memories and Creating New Ones-Lenita and our thrifting adventures

The hardest part about this move, as with almost any move, I'm sure, is being so far away from everyone and everything I know and love.  My weekend routines have changed, my daily trips to my thrift stores and coffee shops are a thing of the past but most importantly (and painfully) are the little routines I did with friends and family.

Now, I know that moving an hour and a half away from everyone doesn't mean I'll never see them again, I'm not trying to be overdramatic here, but it does mean the simple things like meeting Lenita at 7AM on a Saturday (because that girl has energy as soon as the sun comes up) and going to the flea market, stopping into Cookies kitchen for breakfast and hitting up the Breadery in Oella are not as possible as they once were.

We had a nice little Saturday routine of going yard sale hopping, flea market hunting and antique store shopping on those beautifully warm yet distant summer months. I could only find a few snapshots of our thrifting adventures on instagram, but rest assured now that I have a camera there will be many more of these:

Isn't she the cutest? Seriously, straight out of a magazine ad.

As much as I miss that girl and as sad as I am that our little places aren't close I have to remind myself that all those things will happen again. Duh. I'm gonna need to see that sweet girls face pretty soon anyways so I can give her the long overdue Christmas presents sitting at my dads house!

These weekend routines were so absolutely perfect. Spending an entire day just drinking coffee, talking, munching on chocolate chunk pumpkin muffins and touring the neighborhood yard sales in Historic Ellicott City. Oh and finding castles, visiting adorable little breakfast shops, watching the Secret Garden and her painfully teaching me how to knit(thanks girl!). Just a dreamy sounding Saturday, right? I guess I'll have to head back for a visit to Maryland sooner than I thought!

And just in case you're reading this Lenita, I have a ton of new thrift stores/antique malls and cafes for us to try out here in VA as soon as you can come visit.  When the weather warms up and I finally have a bed in the spare bedroom, I'm pretty sure we're gonna be unstoppable! ; )

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